Social Obedience:

The ability to take your dog in public and still expect obedient mannerly behavior.

A Better Companion Dog Training

Welcome to the social obedience and pack walk group!

A walk should be a calm and relaxing activity that is enjoyable for both you and your dog.  However, sometimes our dogs are too excited or anxious for it to be enjoyable for either of you.

Structured pack walks are aimed at owners and dogs who need more practice time to work on their teamwork and skills so that the walk becomes enjoyable.  A pack walk is NOT a walk for greeting other dogs, people socializing or high energy interactions.  It is about creating a calm dog who you can take anywhere!

Dogs and owners will continue to improve their social obedience skills by being around other dogs and people in a supportive environment.

Safety, (for dogs and humans) is extremely important, so all dogs are expected to be under control, at a safe distance from others and in a proper heel at all times. This will reinforce the owners leadership skills as well as allowing our dogs to "tune into the pack" mentality of migrating together which in turn helps as we encounter other distractions on our walks.  Proper heel position will also prevent your dog from invading the space of other walkers and their dogs.

Remember, no face to face greetings should ever happen between on leash dogs.  If your dog needs more space, advocate for your dog - there is no shame in moving off or lagging behind - in fact we applaud you for doing what is best for your dog's progress!  In that light, please do not approach other people's dogs or feed them - remember to keep your hands to yourself as some dogs will not be comfortable with new people.

**All dogs are required to be on a properly fitted prong collar and/or e-collar with a 4-6 foot leash--NO retractable/extendable leashes allowed.**

Please Note: The walks last about an hour.  Dress for the weather, bring water for you and your dog, pick up after your dog and be prepared to pack it out.

Scroll down for upcoming dates - hope to see you there!

Upcoming dates 2022 & 2023:


March - November: Most Saturdays

December - February: 1-2 Saturdays per month


Clients for Pack Walks - Remember to email me and I'll add your email to the list so you get Times, locations & reminders!!!

By coming to any pack walk you are agreeing that you understand  that you will take 100% responsibility for your dog's behavior and will not hold Sarah Crum, A Better Companion Dog Training, or any other participants responsible for any harm your dog does to any person or dog.  By attending a pack walk you grant permission for Sarah Crum, A Better Companion Dog Training or anyone designated by Sarah Crum to correct your dog for any behavior that is deemed dangerous to another dog, the public, or itself but recognize that you are solely responsible for the behavior of your dog.  You hereby assume all risk of personal injury to yourself, members of your family, guests who may attend, the public, as well as your dog, while you are attending a pack walk.

You want to be added to the group email so that you know where to meet each time a pack walk is held.  You can always ask to be removed from the email group.

You also know it's your responsibility to check your email before leaving to join a pack walk in case there are any cancellations.