A Dog Training Business Run by a Hardworking Family

No one works alone:

A Better Companion Dog Training

My most important, super supportive and loved people in my life are:

Matheu my amazing husband. He's the one who makes sure I eat, drives me crazy and is my devoted chauffeur.

Anna our awesome daughter helps with all the dogs, keeps me hopping and is my frequent camera operator.

As a family we like Anna's art, motorcycle rides, watching science fiction, playing D&D or video games, exploring places or taking walks together.

Current Animal pack

Kyrie (pronounced Kear-EE) a Belgian Tervuren and frequent demo dog and puppy playmate
Seamus (pronounced ShayMus) a terrier mix whose main talent is snuggling but can pull off the typical obedience demo when needed
Breacan (pronounced BrEECan) a Maine Coon and distraction artist extraordinaire
Smog & Manx - two wall sticking Crested Geckos
Dragonfly, Savannah & Cinders - three somewhat cranky Leopard Geckos

Pack members we miss but can't forget

Dallas, Black Thing, Squeak, Henry, Mia, Hayseed, Keltie, Soren, Snowstorm & Ember