Good nutrition makes dog training Easier.

People function best when they eat a balanced diet with all of the right vitamins and minerals in the right proportions.  People also do best when these nutrients come from natural, fresh food.  When we think of healthy people we DON'T think of people who eat nothing but processed or fast food.  That lifestyle is more convenient but less healthy.

Dogs are similar to people - they function best with fresh natural food and a balanced diet.  It is more convenient to feed kibble out of a bag or a meat mash out of a can but that doesn't make it healthy.

I see a lot of dogs who are incredibly hyper and they are all on a kibble diet that contains a lot of carbs (sugar).  With a change in diet to a balanced raw diet their hyperactivity lessens dramatically.

I also see a lot of dogs who have had terrible and expensive allergies and health problems that cleared up when switched to a balanced raw diet.

If your dog doesn't have a healthy, shiny coat you are probably feeding the wrong food.  If your dog has body odor, bad breath, a greasy or oily coat, goopy eyes, frequent ear infections and large, smelly or loose stools you are definitely feeding the wrong food.

Kibble, canned or raw - always feed the best food you can afford - remembering that expensive does not equal quality.

I always look at food as a pay me now or pay me later thing.  I can either spend the money upgrading my dog's food and quality of life or I can pay for it later with added vet bills and decreased lifespan.

I personally made the switch to Volhard in 2014 to try to save the life of my then 9 year old Belgian Tervuren, Soren.  Soren was on major and multiple pain medications permanently since he was 3 years old due to injuries early in life.  He also had a nasty coat, chronic allergies, a horrific attitude, a tumor under his tail about the size of a walnut and suspected stomach cancer.  I had researched and tried many kibbles which did not help his skin, pain or attitude but did upset his stomach.  I also tried a couple of raw diets which helped but did not give me back the friendly, healthy, beautiful dog that he used to be.  Then I found Volhard and our lives changed.

Shortly after switching to Volhard the tail tumor went away, he became more flexible and hurt less so we were able to cut back on his pain medications without lessening his joy and quality of life which was gentler on his stomach and liver.  Soren lived to 14 & 1/2 years.  He did eventually die but the vets were still amazed at his coat, vitality and friendliness despite the long term pain medications.

The Volhard diets have been extensively tested and perfected by the thousands of dedicated sport, performance and pet dog owners who continue to submit blood work and case studies continually throughout the life of their dogs - this is no typical pet food bare minimum required 6 week clinical trial to see if a dog can survive on a specific diet but an ongoing trial since the 1970s with dogs of multiple breeds, ages, temperaments and physical characteristics.

Volhard's continues to test and develop diets that not only allow a dog to survive but to absolutely THRIVE.

Volhard dehydrated diets:

  • Always human/food grade whole food ingredients that are US sourced, Non-GMO and Preservative Free
  • Provide nutritional solutions for healthy living that are Biologically Appropriate, Natural, Healthy and Balanced
  • Focus on food safety because they are Batch Tested for Listeria, E.Coli, Salmonella, Mold & Fungi
Dog diet flow chart