Residency Training

Fast, Easy, & Effective!

Your dog will get trained in the shortest amount of time possible. You can have a mini-break from your dog to distance yourself from old habits and responses. This makes it easier for you because you do not have to learn at the same time your dog is learning. Your dog will come home already knowing what you want him to do.

Residency training allows me to get to the root of your dog's behavior. Your dog will experience less confusion during the training process because I have seen it all and know how to guide him through it quickly and efficiently with greater consistency.

Less confusion, clear communication, and consistent instruction create less stress for both of you.

A Better Companion Dog Training

Will your dog miss you while he's here?

Of course! But just like we miss our kids when they go off to college we know it's for their benefit and that the short amount of time your dog is gone will positively impact his behavior for a lifetime.

Will your dog behave for you as well as it does for me?

Yes and no. Your dog will expect things to go back to the way they were before, so if you do not follow instructions and practice the new behaviors, then your dog will revert to the old behaviors. However, if you are prepared to follow instructions and practice, your dog will quickly respond to you just as well as he does for me.

We will have enough follow up lessons to help you through the process of transferring his obedience to you - I want you to suceed!

Off Leash Freedom Program

Designed for the family who wants to do more with their dog.  Not only do they want a well-behaved dog in the house and on leash in public, but they want to call him in from the backyard without stress or let him run free at the beach or go hiking and not worry about him coming when called.  Investment: $3500

  • 21 days of residency training

  • Resolution of minor behavior problems

  • On and Off-leash commands: Heel, Sit, Down, Place, No, Off & Come

  • One interim lesson to check progress and introduce you to what your dog is leaning

  • One go home lesson to teach you what your dog has learned

  • Two follow up lessons to help you and your dog work together as a team

  • Quality prong collar included ($14-25)

  • Remote e-collar included ($180-280)

How does it work?

Massive amounts of repetitions:  A dog can learn a basic behavior in under five minutes but it's the hundreds of repetitions that must be preformed in various environments with varied distractions that cause it to transition from a "trick" into a reliable command.  This is why your dog probably picked up sit really fast in your living room but you can't get him to stay seated at grandma's house or on the scale at the veterinarians office.  Many people believe that their dog is too distracted and while they are correct to an extent they are also mistaken in the belief that their dog "can't" master the distraction through repeated exercises.  This is what I'm going to do while your dog is here - I'm going to help them through their commands hundreds of times in various environments with increasing distractions until they can generalize their commands to become reliable obedience behaviors.

What does a typical day look like?

That depends upon where we are in our training progress.

Mornings start at 7AM with first potty walks and breakfast back in their crate.  Then it's either in their crate learning to chill or practicing Down or Place while they digest.  Then it's off for walks to practice heel, sit, down, place and come.  After walks it's back to crates for some downtime followed by a potty walk around noon.  Afternoons are filled with more obedience practice, learning how to chill in the house while chores get done and walks.  Third potty walk is at about 6PM followed by dinner in their crate.  I typically let them digest while I have lessons.  Then it's a mix of walks, interactive play, crate, snuggling or grooming before last potty walks at 10PM.

The first week is typically in, around or close to home learning basic commands in rapid succession with short duration.  The second week we work more on increasing duration, adding public access distractions, meeting people and other dogs, adding the long line and going on field trips.  Between the second and third weeks you will typically have your interim lesson with your dog.  The third week we work on polishing behaviors in public, adding even more distractions, more field trips and working on the off leash distractions.

When your dog gets home your day will look much the same with your dog either in command, engaging in interactive play or crated at all times for the first thirty days to cement the training to create off leash freedom.



Behavioral Modification - CUSTOM RESIDENCY PROGRAM

For the dog who knows a lot and just needs a little bit of help in a certain area - fill out the contact formand we'll set up a meeting. Also, for the dog with more involved behavior issues such as aggression or separation anxiety that will take longer to address - fill out the contact form, and we'll set up a meeting.